Grand Theft Paver: Deputies Arrest Alleged Hardscape Theif

On Tuesday December 11 2012, Rachel L. McCarty of Reddick, FL arrived home from work and hit a big bump in her driveway. She got out of her car and discovered approximately 300 square feet of her driveway gone. She had not authorized anyone to remove the driveway, and didn’t know who would have targeted her for such a crime. She called the police and reported the crime immediately, but the ordeal didn’t stop there.

Two days later on Thursday December 13, Mrs. McCarty received a call from the police that someone was at her home again, taking the remaining pavers. Anthony O. Jones (49), was arrested on the charge of grand theft and claimed he had no idea what was going on. He also later claimed to have permission to remove the stones.

Jones did not commit the first theft, as witnesses cited two men of different build than Jones. That means there are two more paver thieves out there, so watch out!

This is an extremely bold and ridiculous crime, and I feel very badly for Mrs. McCarty. I hope that her home owners insurance covers the damage and re-installation of the driveway. I also hope the men who did this get caught!

I don’t understand what drove the men who committed this act. Pavers are heavy, installing them is labor, and they’re not as valuable as other residential construction materials such as copper.

That’s my question to you, valued reader. Why? Feel free to comment below.

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