Xeriscape: Water-Defying Landscaping

On a recent trip to Ojai, CA with family I noted something beautiful: desert landscaping in a raised planter bed lined with local boulders. The shopping center on West Ojai Ave., Hwy 150, incorporated the local horticulture as a design theme throughout the shopping center. It really worked for me.

Agave Attenuatta
Agave Attenuatta flowers. Also known as “Foxtail Agave”. Photo via Xemenendura on commons.wikimedia.org.

The crisp green Agave plants arranged in a harmony outside the store, and a subtle winter rain brought out the scent of maple from the deciduous trees overhead. The sharp yellow leaves speckled the ground and I noticed inlaid cast-metal leaves in the pavers, to remind guests and residents of this most regal autumn season’s dressings. The drizzle of rain didn’t detract from the dessert plants as one might expect, as the darkened soil enhanced the Agave’s color.

So what exactly is Xeriscape? Google.com defines Xeriscape as:


A style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions.
Landscape (an area) in such a style.

Google.com Search [link]

Southern California definitely classifies as an arid region, and by many experts is considered a desert. As home owners and design agencies continue to explore the use of ‘Xeriscape’ style, the landscape feature’s commonness is directly proportional to its popularity. Once considered by some (my family) to be brown and ugly, the common perception changes to regard this style as hip, jive, even cool. Xeriscape landscape design is “in”.

Foxtail Agave
From this image you can see why they call it “Foxtail Agave”. Photo via Piotrus on commons.wikimedia.org.

Palmdalewater.org highly recommends the practice as a water-conservation measure, and also for gardeners with limited time for chores. Some Xeriscapes can be maintained as little as once a season. For experienced gardners, high maintenance plants with greater needs can also be incorporated.

Genesis began remodeling outdoor spaces in 1993, and since have served over 10,000 clients. Xeriscape is one service from an array of outdoor remodeling possibilities including interlocking paving, garden walls, artificial turf, and more.

Request a free estimate by calling us at 888.389.5533, or by visiting our free estimate page. We’d love to design a new Xeriscape landscape design for you!

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  1. Xeriscaping is a trend in landscaping that is becoming more and more popular across San Diego County. It is a style of landscaping that is more efficient and more easily sustainable than traditional landscaping. The term xeriscape comes from the Greek root “xeros” meaning dry. Xeriscaping conserves water, uses natural materials, and is mostly self-sustaining. It has many of the same attributes as water-smart or water-wise landscaping.
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