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  1. The African Sumac I’ve has roots coming above the ground and spreading slowly. These roots have leaves, and there seems more growth at the bottom than at the top. Any ideas how to prevent it ? Are the trees getting too much water ? Were they planted wrong ? They are about 12-15 in height, and behaving this way. Any ideas ?

    1. Mariam,

      One or two side roots can be cut off at a time right next to the trunk.
      Wait 6 months before cutting any more. A deep water system helps reduce side roots. 3″ or 4″ drian pipe 18″ long planted 18″ away from the tree and filled with gravel or capped. Have your sprinkler or drip irrigation line go right into the pipe so the tree gets its own water 18″ below ground. This promotes deep roots.

      -Alan, Design Consultant

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